DAvidson's Fish Fry selling over 3 Tons of FIsh a MOnth!

DAvidson's Restaurant

Second Generation owners Ron and Linda DAvidson with their daughter Leslie Davidson GEnareo THird generation owner

398 East Fairmount Avenue Lakewood NY 14750   716-763-9135

Davidson's Restaurant Celebrating 73 Years!


Davidson's Restaurant was founded by Bob and Margrete Davidson in 1950, opening as an ice cream stand that served sandwiches. Decades of change included a time the family lived in the back of the restaurant, a period in the 60's of having car hop service, and continues as the family style eatery you see today. For the past 40 years, their son Ron Davidson and his wife Linda have kept this fine family tradition alive and are proud that Davidson's is considered the local favorite. Beginning in 2013, Davidson's is proud to see its third generation owner in Leslie Davidson Genareo who will continue to serve great food with great service to great customers for years to come! ENJOY!

Davidson's Restaurant